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                                             Project Classes for Your Sewing Machine
Frosty Goes To Town Pre Quilting Demo - We will be starting this Applique Block Of The Month next week.  In this demo I will be showing how I am pre quilting my blocks before I start the applique.  This is totally optional, but if you are interested, join us.  January 18th  2:00 or 6:00  FREE if you purchased this kit from us.

Frosty Goes To Town Block 1- Meet Frosty at Snowbucks Cafe for a steaming cup of coffee.  Join us all day for the Sit & Sew or come in for a quick demo.  January 25th    Sit & Sew  10:00-4:00   $10    Demo  6:00   $5
Frosty Goes To Town Block 2- Frosty and a friend are having fun at the Snowflake Chalet.  Join us all day for the Sit & Sew or come in for a quick demo.  February 22nd     Sit & Sew  10:00-4:00   $10    Demo  6:00   $5

                                           Project Classes For Your Embroidery Machine

Basics of IQ Designer &/or Design Center - For those new owners of the Solaris, Luminaire, XJ1, XE1, Meridian & Altair.  Learn the basic functions and tools for the IQ Designer and Design Center.  Friday January 14th       10:00-4:00       FREE to Sewing Nook Machine Owners
Valentine Pillow Wrap - Enjoy celebrating all seven holidays with one pillow! These delightful Pillow Sleeves easily slide on and off rectangle pillow making storing them a pleasure! Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas words are depicted in classic subway style art. Pillow instructions are included or purchase a 13 X 20in or 12x16in rectangle pillow. Decorate for the holidays without storing all those pillows! Great also embroidered on aprons & tote bags!  January 28th   10:00-4:00    Class & Design Pack - $59 + tx

IQ & Design Center Christmas Quilting - After you have taken the Basic class, come learn more about using the IQ Designer & Design Center to create your own quilt blocks.  February 1st        10:00-4:00           FREE to Sewing Nook machine owners.

Lunch Box Quilts - Pick which quilt you would like to create and then learn how to use the Mark A Block Templates to ensure exact placement for each embroidered block.  This class will be offered as a Sit & Sew and as a demo. 
Pt 1 February 11th & Pt 2 February 25th   Sit & Sews 10:00-4:00  Design Pack, Mark A Block & Class - $99 + tx   
Demos     6:00         Design Pack, Mark A Block & Demo - $74 + tx